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Door styles

We also manufacture our own doors, so there again, if there is a requirement for a curved door, or non-standard size door it will not be a problem.

We have studied the entire spectrum of doors available on the market and we have found that the Impact doors and Veneer doors are the best value for money.

In 2007 Cupboard Co introduced a new Perspex door for the market - a first in South Africa! Perspex is a very modern style that can complement just about any house.

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Melamine Gallery

This is our inexpensive range of doors consist of 16mm Melamine wood that is edged with a 3mm PVC impact edge.

There exists a very wide variety of melamines on the market such as Vancouver Maple, Memphis Cherry and Royal Mahogany. The prices are very similar between the melamine choices, making it easy to choose the look you want.

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Veneer Gallery

Veneer Doors: This is what we’d call our premier range door. With the veneer door we try choose a good grain without knots and defaults and match the grains so that the door looks identical to the one beside it, with the profile of the door’s edge chosen, we would bond the correct solid wood thickness to the 4 sides of the board, either chipboard or supawood (MDF). Next, the process of laying out the grain would start.

Once that’s done the veneer sheets are hot pressed onto the door’s core, sanding and varnishing to finish. Here again there is wide range of veneers to choose from, such as Maple, Cherry and American Walnut.

The prices of these finishes depend on the origins of the wood.

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Perspex Gallery

This door is a contemporary style door, which in our opinion, is far more superior than the high gloss enamel paint door.

The manufacturing process of these doors is very similar to that of the veneer doors, with only 2 major differences.

Firstly, the press machines are cold and secondly the machinery goes through more strain cutting and moulding the door because of the hardness of the material.

The doors are finished in super gloss, with a very good scratch resistance, water resistance and heat resistance.

There are approximately 20 different solid colours such as Cream, Red and Black and also 20 odd transparent colours which could be used to simulate a frosted glass affect.

There is a minimal price difference between each colour and this option is about 17% more than the veneer component – but well worth the small difference.